Essential qualities of a great lawyer

Analytical skills

For a lawyer to be good enough, he or she should possess analytical skills and fiona apple photos take this very seriously. This involves taking in a lot of information, going through the information and coming up with something that is logical and manageable. Sometimes a lawyer is expected to come up with not one precedent solution to a situation that needs resolving. Therefore a good lawyer should have skills of evaluating issues so that he or she can select an appropriate one.

Should possess researching skills

Researching skills are fundamental to any practicing lawyer. In order to understand his clients, a lawyer should be able to carry out research promptly and efficiently. This is crucial because the lawyer will be in a position to plan for legal strategies. The process of getting ready legal strategies involves comprehending a lot of information and also absorbing information.

Able to work with people

A lawyer works on behalf of people, with people and makes decisions for his or her clients. Therefore a good lawyer should be able to persuade his clients and also be in a position to read other people’s minds. By so doing he will be able to judge if the witnesses are honest or dishonest. It is this judgment that is made which makes the lawyer come up with perfect ways of ensuring that the anticipated outcome is achieved.

Should be able to persevere

Further, studying law is not just a straightforward and easy path. It requires perseverance for you to complete the study of law. With this, a good lawyer should also practice perseverance even in the line of duty. Commitment is also to be accompanied with perseverance. A good lawyer is required to display tenacity when handling any case so that he or she can finish work that is aimed at advancing the rights of his client.

Must possess judgmental skills

You must be able to make judgments and analyze them critically so that you can expect promising areas that can be fortified against. The capability to make conclusions that are logical and also draw assumptions that are reasonable from scarce information is key when you are practicing law. Being decisive is important because this will help in making judgment.

A lawyer should be creative

Most reputable lawyers have succeeded because of their personal creativity. For a lawyer to make clear and adequate arguments and judgments he should be able to think outside the box. You should not only be analytical or logical, but also you should be able to show your creativity when solving problems.…

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How You Can Lose Your Child’s Custody As a Mother

The divorce process can be one of the most painful and stressful periods in your life. It is a process which involves terminating your marriage, parting ways with some whom you always promised to support and love. You can imagine dissolving your relationship with someone whom you share so many belongings and assets together. It is one of the most destructive moments in someone’s life. This process can be complicated and amplified when your children get involved. Here are some of the important things that you should know just in case you are interested in securing the custody of your child.

In the past, most of the courts were biased by awarding custody only to the mother. This practice used to force many great fathers to lose touch with their children. It also used to deny the fathers the legal power of making important decisions n behalf of their children. However, things have now changed, and the courts do not consider gender when making their ruling on who to award the child’s custody. Either the father or the mother can b awarded custody.

Most of the current decisions made by the court are focused on the child’s interests. The parents awarded custody should be in a good position to serve the needs and the best interests of the concerned child. Some f the factors considered by the court when deciding these cases include, financial and work history of the parents, any history of drug abuse or violence as well as the physical and mental health of the parents. Below are some of the crucial things which you should be aware which will help you in avoiding losing the custody of your child.


Proper legal advice

You can easily lose your case by failing to hire proper legal advice. You should hire an experienced attorney who has handled such cases before. This will help in ensuring that the custody proceedings are running smoothly. This will also help you in saving both money and time. You are advised to be very critical when choosing an attorney.

Be honest with your attorney

It is important to be open and be honest with your attorney. Your attorney should be provided with all the details of your relationship. This entails sharing the details of your former spouse as well as those of your children. The details how the child is cared for should also be availed.

Putting your children first

You are advised to put aside any emotions and ego and do the right thing for your children. This will help in proving your ability in taking care of your children. This is the best thing that you can do for your children. Again you should answer any questions asked by the children with the highest degree of honesty.

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Key Factors Which Lead To Migration Of People

There are many factors or reasons why people migrate to new localities. Human being shaves been migrating for many centuries. Some of them include political turmoil, poverty, social strife, armed conflict and economic hardships. Globalization greatly influences most of the modern migration. Advancement in technology and communication has facilitated the migration process by shortening the time taken to travel from one place to another. Travelling time is longer an obstacle to migration as it used to be in the last few centuries. Globalization has been driven forward by the various advancements in technology. Below are some of the main reasons which force people to migrate

Finding refuge after being displaced by environmental factors

Some of the environmental factors which might lead to migration are natural disasters, erosion as well as other serious factors related to climate change. These factors can threaten people’s life especially those people who are living in poverty. Science has projected that billions of people will be displaced in the next 50 years by the severe effects associated with climate change. This phenomenon is mainly caused by global warming which leads to a gradual increase in the global temperatures.

Escaping conflict or violence

There have been witnessed incidences of people fleeing from their countries to escape conflicts. Most of the conflicts experienced in most countries have to lead to violence and war. For instance, there have been massive migrations involving the Syrian refugees in the last few years, most of whom are taking refuge in the European countries.

Escape poverty

This is perceived as one of the leading cause of migration. People have been moving to seek green pastures in the urban centers and other developed countries. The people involved have an aim of lifting their families from poor conditions.

Offer great opportunities to your children

Sometimes you can have parents who are moving to other countries to enable their kids to benefit from the available opportunities. Some of the great opportunities that you are likely to get from other nations include good jobs and superior education. Every parent has a dream of giving the best education for their children.

Job opportunities

Most people choose to work and live in other countries where they can get more benefits and salary. There are some countries which offer better terms and salaries in certain fields. For instance, you are more likely to get a manufacturing job in the West, Far East and in North America. There are limited opportunities in the developing countries where the economies are poor.


Some students prefer studying in other nations where there are better educational opportunities than in their country of origin. Most of the best institutions of high learning offer lucrative scholarship opportunities to students from various parts of the globe.…

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