There are some traffic offences that you need to know which might make you be prosecuted. Some of these offences are very complicated such that even some solicitors are not familiar with them. Such offences will require intricate legal arguments from the solicitor. These arguments will be helpful in protecting your license once you get accused of driving offences. The following are some of the common traffic offences which you should avoid.

Lack of a valid insurance

You will be considered guilty in case you are driving a car which has no valid insurance. Drivers found guilty of this offence are given a six point’s penalty on their license. Sometimes the driver might be having an insurance policy which has been cancelled by the insurance company without him knowing. When this happens, you are required to demonstrate to the court by using a genuine argument. This is meant to prove to the court that your vehicle had been insured or covered by an insurance cover.

Dangerous driving

This is a very serious traffic offence. Once, proven guilty, it means that your driving falls far below the required standards. All the drivers are warned to drive carefully to avoid being accused of this offence. Once convicted of it, you are banned from driving for twelve months. Besides, you will be required to do a test on driving to prove that you meet the required driving standards.



Speeding is an offence which attracts a penalty of about six points on the driver’s license. As a driver, you are required by the law to have concrete or professional evidence once you get accused of this offence. This will be helpful in supporting your legal argument. Once you are found guilty by the court, you are subjected to a discretionary ban as well as paying the incurred court costs. You can also be fined over the same issue.

Drink driving offences

In most countries, you are disqualified from driving per a period of year once you get convicted. However, you can defend yourself by saying that you were not driving in a public place or you were not the one driving the car. You can also defend yourself by saying that you only drove for a limited distance. There are also some people who argue that they consumed alcohol unknowingly.

Driving while holding a mobile phone

This is an offence which involves driving with while using or holding a mobile phone. It is a crime which is viewed differently by many magistrates. The law does not allow one to drive while using a handheld mobile.